Vapor CoutureĀ Users could b easily spotted from the rest of other vapers. Aside from the distinctively chic ecigarettes they vape with, their etiquette and the accessories are also telltale signs they are VC users.

Vaping Etiquette Of Vapor Couture Users

Bystanders would probably get intrigued by the slim and very feminine ecigarettes used by VC users. When they see the slim and sparkling batteries (in Rose Gold, Deep Purple, Brushed Platinum or White Signature) with crystal tip a VC vaper uses, they are probably dumb or conceited if they still insist that you are smoking a cigarette. Nonetheless, this is not the only distinctive mark of a VC vaper.

A VC vaper is one who maintains her appearance. She would project her image as a productive and powerful woman with coordinated outfit and charming exterior. Her appearance is one that commands respect so that she could captivate them in feeling comfortable with her ecigarette vapors.

A VC user is one who does not immediately start taking puffs from her ecigarette while in public. Instead, she is one who asks permission first. She will confidently request to vape indoors and politely answer any question other people might have.

A Vapor Couture vaper is a woman of knowledge because she could speak about the facts about vaping. Rude critics will not make her lose her patience. She will respond with informative replies to erase any hesitations other people might have on ecigs.

A VC woman is also someone who confidently takes puffs from her ecigs with confidence and class. Her shoulders are kept back; her chins are held up. When she speaks, her certainty and grace will be evident.

She is not an insensitive vaper. She is very observant of her surroundings. When she sees there are people still hesitant and uncomfortable about her vapors, she would stop her vaping or would go somewhere else she could peacefully vape.

A woman of manners, she knows how to use the words Thank You and Please. These are the powerful words one could hear from her. She is a fashionista who knows how to flaunt her ecigs with class instead of inappropriateness.

Accessories Of Vapor Couture Users

Speaking of class and fashion, a VC woman is also revealed through the accessories that she uses. Vapor Couture is also well known for its posh vaping accessories.

There is a Lanyard with Charm offered at $12.70. It is a 406 mm long lanyard available in Dark Silver, Metallic Pink, Metallic Purple and Black. The lanyard is beautifully braided leatherette in colors women would love. The charm has a rubber holder that will grip the battery that could simply be inserted into the charm. This offers a VC woman a classy way of carrying the ecigarette hands-free during a trip outdoors or while running an errand.

Stainless Steel Fluted Charm Necklace is the accessory you are likely to see from a VC woman while she is in the office or while in the club with her friends. It is offered at $49.95.

This necklace also offers a stylish way of carrying anĀ electronic cigarette. There is a charm that can hold the ecigarette and make it look like a chic pendant. It comes with 2 detachable lobster clasps that enables a VC user to use it as necklace r as wrap bracelet. The necklace even comes in a signature pyramid like box and a velvet pouch. The necklace is also available in Sterling Silver for $149.95.

In a formal occasion, a VC woman will stand out with her Smartphone Clutch. It is available for $59.95. It is a clutch bag that will certainly make a fashion statement.

The bag is actually a stylish leather encasement that will hold ecig batteries and cartridges while still offering extra space for smartphone, credit card, face powder and lipstick. It also has 2 detachable straps. The long strap (leather braided through silver-plated chain) is for using the bag like a shoulder bag while the short leather wristlet strap is for carrying it as a handbag.