Direct Dripping is alternatively called Dripping or Dry Smoking is vaping ejuice just as one would do when using an electronic cigarette. Yet, this method of vaping does not involve filling of cartomizers or clearomizers. It involves adding a few drops of eliquid directly on the bridge or coil of atomizer and then puffing away.

What Would You Get From Direct Dripping

Denser vapor production and cleaner, bolder vapor flavors are the two main perks of dripping. For some, dry smoking also offer more intense throat hit. You eliminate the need to switch tanks, if you want to smoke different flavors when you drip.

How To Start Dripping

Many vapers start direct dripping by making use of a cartridge that has built-in atomizer that is designed for pen-type devices. The rubber tip could be pried open. The filler material is then removed and drops of eliquid could be finally dropped to the atomizer.

However, there are dripping atomizers that are commercially available. These atomizers have raised metal collar where a small tank is normally plugged. Ejuice is dripped onto the bridge or coil of atomizer and then stuck a drip tip on it to start creating vapor clouds.

Facilitating Eliquid Dripping

Using a drip tip prevents your lips from getting burned as the atomizer could get hot. Drip tips usually have wide mouths to facilitate dripping of ejuice. Drip tips could be attached to about every tank, clearomizer or cartomizer. These accessories make vaping more comfortable and offer a convenient way of customizing the vape device.

There drip tips are made of different materials such as plastic, aluminum, glass, steel, silica gel, jade, wood, glass and more. Materials are sometimes combined with one another. There are also various shapes, colors, patterns and designs of drip tip.

Some are opaque, some are transparent. Some are bent, some are fixed and some could swivel 360 degrees. Drip tips also vary in price. Some are cheap while some are expensive. There are better quality drip tips that have O-ring on the bottom so that it could offer a more tight seal. There is no drip tip because vaping and accessorizing a device is a subjective. It is common for a vaper to have a collection of drip tips.

The Dripping Equipment

The equipment for dripping is more aptly called Dripping Atomizer.

Drippers also modify their devices for a more worthwhile experience. The bridge is removed from the coil. This bridge is a small mesh of steel or other material that directly sits over the coils for spreading the juice and dispersing it evenly to the coils.

Dripping juice onto the bridge is okay, but many vapers report that dripping onto the coil offers the best hit. Thus, modders also choose to remove the bridge. However, there are commercially available bridgeless atomizers that vapers could use.

One example of a dripping atomizer is the IGO-W Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. Rebuildable means the coil of this atomizer needs to be built by the vaper. This RDA is offered by Empiremods at $13.

This new atomizer has dual-quad setup posts. It is made from high grade surgical stainless steel. Thus, this atomizer is sure to withstand the test of use and of time through its high quality build. It comes with everything that a vaper needs to set up the coil.

It comes with the wick, the spare screws and the O-rings. It is an atomizer made especially for dripping. There are 2 holes on the side housing that allows air to flow through the coils from the two ends. Thus, enormous vapor clouds can be produced. This atomizer has bottom-sealed 510-center pi that ensure no ejuice will leak from the bottom.