The Relieve System Smartphone App is made especially for the ecig users. This packaging design smartphone app aims to help smokers in weaning themselves of the addictive nicotine. It works by gradually reducing the strength of the ecigarettes.

The app has also won the national competition that Vodafone UK has funded in order to find the most innovative mobile technology uses.

Relieve System Smartphone App

It was devised by a group of students of University of Lincoln in UK. The app came at a time when electronic cigarettes are the subject of debates by health experts arguing whether vaping is an opportunity on tobacco harm reduction or a risk.

Developed up to the stage of proof of concept, Relieve focuses on the smartphone app that will help develop a personalized quitting program for the ecig users according to their daily ecig consumption.

The app will be available to both iPhone and Android users. It will communicate directly with specially made electronic cigarettes through Bluetooth connection.

The amount of nicotine that an electronic cigarette kits releases will be gradually reduced. The volume of vapor will remain the same so the smoker will hardly notice that nicotine has subtly been reduced.

Award Winning Concept

The Vodafone 24-hour challenge was set out in order to uncover some of the highly innovative students in the country. Small groups of talented student were invited and asked to produce the idea in just one day.

Vodafone UK Technology Innovation manager Bryan Hill stated that they were particularly impressed with the originality, research depth and presentation of the Relieve System concept. He also added that it perfectly met the brief aside from also possessing the wow factor. This great piece won against many other equally impressive works.

Robert Meehan is a senior on BA Advertising and Marketing course at University of Lincoln and was part of the team. He remarked that that it was amazing to have bagged the first place in the competition especially one that was organized by a very recognizable brand.

The app is still in the concept stage right now but they have already designed it to such a point where prototype building is already the next step that the developers want to take. Meehan said that they can make it happen.

It was just one of the ideas that made sense and made the developers wonder why such a device does not exist. He added that Relieve offers a revolutionary way of quitting smoking and they believe that it will be a major help to a lot of people. The developers would be too pleased to see this concept put into production.

Meehan’s team was comprised of 5 students from various degree disciplines. Each of them played a specific role. Meehan developed the initial concept and the logo. Alex Pell, a mechanical engineering undergraduate had designed the ecig.

Sasha Tucker, a Media Production student was tasked in devising the app and also a short documentary for explaining how the system is supposed to work. Jack Meritt and Richard Kennedy, Product Design students worked on the product casing and product packaging.

With Relieve users will get their progress report on how they are doing with their smoke cessation goal. Daily facts about their body and how it is recovering from the damages caused by smoking cigarettes will be known.

The report also contains financial data on how much money they were able to save while using the Relieve System. Switching to electronic cigarettes has been recognized as more cost effective by users. Yet, exactly how much they are able to save sometimes remain unknown so the Relieve’s report will be a helpful reference. Moreover, the app will also allow users to share their progress on social media.