Two of the most popular electronic products these days are electronic cigarettes and digital cameras. Ecigs are popular among smokers looking for a great tobacco alternative or a smoke quitting option while digital cameras are used by just about anyone who likes to immortalize a special moment through graphic images. Now, you can use these 2 electronic instruments to possibly grab some exceptional ProVape prizes.

ProVape Photo Contest

ProVape is a well-known maker and provider of high quality electronic cigarette products; and one of its main objectives is to provide satisfaction to its customers and provide them what they need and desire for.

With this objective in mind, the company is launching a photo contest where you can upload a photo and you can possibly bring home ProVape Prizes.

Contest Rules

Rules of this photo contest are simple. Keep in mind that the theme is all about showing through your photo the coolest set up you can make or have with ProVape products. You can apply as much creativity as you like when snapping photos with your digital camera to make it look really awesome.

Once the photo is ready (perhaps after some help from Mr. Photoshop), upload it on the website through the simple registry page. Do not forget to describe your photo and add your own e-mail address on the firm before hitting the submit key.

Uploaded photos will be seen by everyone and the photo garnering the highest number of votes from viewers will be hailed the winner. This lucky winner may choose a ProVari or a ProVari Mini for his/her prize in any color he/she chooses.

There are still 12 days left before this contest wraps up. Right now, there are already 217 people who have joined, hoping to receive the amazing prizes. If you got yourself a ProVape and a camera, might as well practice your photography skills to create a really cool image you can use as contest entry.