If coffee lovers have Starbuck, then vapers have the Sovereign Vapors Lounge in Connecticut. The place is tastefully and comfortably decorated in order to provide ecigarette users a public haven.

Strictly For Adults

Recently, the General Assembly of Connecticut passed the bill introduced by Governor Dannel Malloy to prohibit ecig sale to minors. Yet, Sovereign Vapors Lounge’s owners Marcos Garcia and Anthony Holdampf said they never had any intention of selling their products to any customer younger than 18 years old.

All their customers are either former or current smokers. Holdampf emphasized that their market is limited only to smokers. The lounge also has no interest in attracting any non-smoker to begin vaping or smoking. The goal of the lounge is to help smokers switch to vaping.

Loft Offerings

According to Holdampf, ecigs offer a cleaner delivery system for smokers who want a cleaner alternative. The recently opened loft was visitied by a lot of people. There were college students busily working on their laptops while inhaling and exhaling flavored liquid. A number of customers stayed at the tasting bar sampling many flavors of eliquids and watching the loft’s owners demonstrate their offered vape hardware.

Lucerna is one of the eliquids offered at Sovereign Vapors. It is described as an ejuice that captured the dark spirit characteristics in a mixture of spiced rum and juicy white peach. Fifth Rank is also another ejuice flavor offered. It is a lively fusion that will remind you of long lost vintage drink Lime Rickey.

Aside from being like a coffee shop, the lounge may also remind you of a wine and alcohol tasting bar, but the ejuices contain no alcohol.

One of the customers was 20 years old Avery Salveson who started smoking during his high school days. He said that ecigs are a healthier alternative. Bryn Hagley and Josh Gelman are both 21 years old and both of them are studying at University of Bridgeport. They began vaping in order to quit their hookah smoking habit.

They like that ecigs leave no unpleasant odor in their cloes or clothes. Gelman said he is now able to breathe better while performing physical activities. Meanwhile, Hagley likes that ecigs involve no burning or flames since his hookah pipe once set their wooden floor on fire once.

Eliquid Components

At Sovereign, eliquids are made up of propylene glycol (used also in asthma inhalers) and vegetable glycerin. The customer may choose the level of nicotine from 0 mg to 18 mg. A conventional cigarette normally contains 24 mg of nicotine.

The lounge has been opened for only a week, but many vapers from far places like Milford and NYC are already coming in to visit and shop. Garcia said that all their offered ecigs and eliquids are premium quality.

A beginner’s Ecig kit that comes with the vaping device, crager and eliquid receptacle is $25. More advanced kits could cost up to $375 while eliquids cost $8-28. Garcia himself was a smoker for 20 years. He loves vaping because of the flavors of complexity of the vaping experience. He now says he never wanted to smoke again. He said that ecigs are the way for smokers to get out of the smoking pit.

Before opening the lounge, he visited Europe and California where ecigs are the rage. He said that he is the enthusiast in the duo while Holdampf is the one with business orientation.

The lounge’s grand opening is scheduled May 10th ad the partners said they are both ready for the influx of even more customers. Located at 1981 Post Road, customers could visit the store Mondays through Saturdays 10 AM-9PM and Sundays 10AM-6PM. On the grand opening day, the store will open 10AM until 12AM. There will be special events planned the entire day plus music that will start at 8PM onwards.