SkyCig is a leading brand of electronic cigarettes in the UK. It just announced that beginning May 2014; it will already become Blu Cigs. This new direction from the company follows its acquisition by Lorillard Inc., one of the three tobacco mammoths in the United States.

Blu Cigs was also once an independent ecig company that became a part of Lorillard when the latter acquired it in April 2012. Since then, the tobacco firm has been actively pushing and promoting Blu. Now, Blu holds 50% of the retail market share in the US.

As Blu, SkyCig said that it would bring the most successful and largest ecig brand in America to the UK consumers. Carrying the striking designs and bold marketing/branding of Blu, Sky said that it plans to duplicate the same success of the well known ecigarette brand in the UK.

The brand positioning of Sky will likewise be changed into a lifestyle focused brand as part of the rebranding. This move is even supported by the £20 million worth of marketing campaign.

The entire product line of Blu ecigs UK will possess the same modernized technology of the Sky range along with some valuable upgrades. Rechargeable kits, supreme-quality cartridges, disposable cigs and charging units/accessories will be included in the product line.

The same flavors that made Sky ecigs popular will remain in the Blu brand such as Tobacco Gold, Classic Gold, Rich Tobacco, Vanilla, Cherry, Menthol, NRG and Cinnamon.

Founder and CEO of the UK ecig brand, Jacob Fuller said that they are very excited and proud to bring the largest ecig brand of America to UK. He remarked that Blu is a fantastic, bold-looking product offering positive and alternative lifestyle options to the adult smokers.

Rebranded as Blu, he said that they will stand with pride in bringing adult smokers back to the fold of society where they have been belittled and pushed aside for years. Bespoke advertising/marketing campaign that will stand out in the product category will support this UK product range.

Last March 24-26, the product packaging and design of blu were presented at D110 stand during the National Convenience Show exhibit.

Acquisition Of SkyCig By Lorillard

It was more than one year after Blu became a part of Lorillard that the Big Tobacco Company that makes Newport menthol cigarettes reportedly bought another independent ecigarette company. Staying focused on its goal of global domination and being first among all, the Greensboro, NC-based tobacco firm paid £30 million or about $50 million in cash to obtain the UK-based ecig firm.

This was only the initial sum paid because another £30 million would be paid to the UK ecig company if it successfully met the financial performance requirement of Lorillard.

Stifel Nicolaus Equity Research estimates that UK has about 700,000 users of electronic cigarettes and 300,000 of them as Sky ecig users.

Murray Kessler is the CEO of Lorillard and he stated that it has been a mission of the company to be the best and the first in ecigarette category. Their mission, Kessler added, is a global objective. In accordance to the agreement, the UK ecigarette brand will be a separate subsidiary of the tobacco company; its current management team will be retained as well as its British retail locations.

Tom Rolfe who co-founded Sky stated then that they were excited of the development and what the agreement meant for the brand and for its customers. Now, with Sky’s rebranding, customers would still enjoy the same taste and quality, but with a different name and a few improvements. Under the Lorillard management, the UK ecig team could probably expect the same aggressive marketing that Blu has been given by Lorillard.

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