Almost all products available and accessible to the public consumers are going through significant evolutions wherein their qualities have been improved through the years. The new smoking alternatives are not exempted from this because ever since the products were introduced in the market, the quality of electronic cigarette products has been greatly improving.

Growing Market

The market of electronic cigarette products in the UK is expected to grow from 48 million pounds in 2012 to 339 million pounds by 2015 end. This is according to the perception and prediction of Nielsen’s commercial director for Europe Andrew Morton. According to Morton, the market is predicted to reach 195 million pounds even before 2013 ends. Next year, electronic cigarette products may reach revenue of 285 million pounds.

The growth of the market has been a tremendous one, but is still considerably young. There are still many years to go for these products and it will continue to evolve and improve. Although many electronic cigarette companies report their milestone in reaching more and more retail outlets, Morton believes that electronic cigarette products still have bigger rooms for improvements in terms of distribution to major retailers and to convenience store channels.

Morton stated in an investor’s webinar recently that the products are only now available to UK’s 30% impulse sector. The impulse sector is one wherein buyers make purchases based on impulses; buying decisions are unplanned.

In the UK, electronic cigarette products have been reaching an impressive display of growth that it is surpassing the market of electronic cigarettes in the US. In the US, the products have already been available in the market for some time, but have not yet really taken a big stride due to a not so satisfactory user experience.

Have Not Satisfied Users

What Morton was referring to in unsatisfactory experience can be viewed through the substandard performance of some products in the market. About one decade after the electronic cigarette products were made available to consumers, there are now a lot of companies that compete with one another to achieve the highest spot in the industry. While big companies strive to be the best, others merely want to have a share in the profitability of the products. What these companies care for is to earn profits by selling products that are within most consumers’ budgets, but whose qualities are compromised. Thus, purchasers who settled for cheaper products were not satisfied and have been prejudiced in thinking that all electronic cigarette products are the same.

Improving Quality With Additional Investors And Market Players
What they missed to realize is that if they only were choosier in their purchasers, they will surely be satisfied if they chose the best products of all. Furthermore, since the inception of electronic cigarettes, more and more investors are putting in their money in this market, thus companies are now more financially able in improving the quality and standards of their products.

Not only private investors are interested in venturing this market. Now, the number of big tobacco companies introducing their own brands of electronic cigarettes to consumers. Each of these tobacco giants aim to conquer the world of vaping by ensuring their products will be unique, distinctive and have the best features to offer.

Features Being Improved

Through those years of existence, electronic cigarettes have gone through important evolutions. E-liquids before were said to be bitter and unpleasant. Now, e-liquids taste so much better with a lot of different flavors to choose from.

If products before were bulky and challenging to use, electronic cigarettes are now more user-friendly, more portable, more compact and more stylish. These days, portability is an important feature that consumers consider in the items they invest money on. They like something that will fit in their pockets or can be carried inside tiny purses.

Most of all, electronic cigarette green smoke products of today can now offer a kind of experience that is closer to the experience of smoking the real thing. Vapor quality is now better in many distinguished brands. The quality of vapor production is dependent on the quality of e-liquids used; the functionality of atomizers and the efficiency of batteries.

In addition, products available today are now in their fourth generation, but continue to improve in quality, style, design and function.