News about explosions that involve electronic cigarettes are often blamed on the devices. In most instances, however, it is not the ecigarette that actually caused the mishaps, yet it is held accountable. In recent news about an explosion involving ecigs, the moral lesson is clear. It is not the ecig to be blamed, but the user’s actions and choice of charger.

In Ringwood, Hampshire

One property here has been damaged by a fire caused by a faulty charger to which an ecigarette was plugged. The incident was just one of the latest unpleasant occurrences concerning use of inappropriate and cheap ecigarette chargers.

Fortunately, there was no one harmed or hurt in the accident. A woman, incidentally, was alerted to the fire that occurred in the home’s upstairs bedroom. Good thing the smoke alarm’s battery had only been changed a week ago.

Soon after she has ran downstairs, a pressurized air horn canister heated and exploded. Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service investigators have traced the fire’s cause from the USB plug used to charge an electronic cigarette.

Dan Tasker, the Group Manager, stated that they found that the woman’s son lost his ecigarette charger that came with the kit. He decides to use a different USB charger since it fitted with the ecig. The son went out after plugging the charger and device.

It overheated and created fire on the bedding. The fire caused the air horn canister to expand and eventually explode.

Moral Of The Story

Plugs should be appropriate for the devices you use and need to charge. Using an inappropriate charger would not effectively charge the device since not all can be transferred between the charger and the unit.

Inappropriate chargers are also risky to use because of the possible devastating effects. Tasker said that they are just relieved no one was hurt in the unfortunate incident. Only in May, a woman in Wales was burned after her ecig exploded while plugged into a phone charger.

There had also been a barmaid in North Yorkshire who was injured earlier when a co-worker’s ecigarette exploded while being charged with a different charger.

Ecigarettes are indeed susceptible to overheating depending on the battery type used and contained. Hampshire’s Trading Standards keenly stressed that it is very important to use the correct charger for all devices that people use. There must also be an increased awareness about the dangers on using cheap alternative chargers.

Hampshire County Council Trading Standards spokesman remarked that the message here is ‘Do not purchase unbranded or cheap chargers to use with electronic cigarettes, cell phones and other gadgets. They are illegal and dangerous.’

The least that could happen is that cheap and inappropriate chargers will damage the device. The worst that could happen is that they could cause fire or give deadly electric shock. The spokesman added that their officers regularly stop and also destroy lots of unsafe chargers at ports as part of their work. It is a widespread problem and many are actually being sold through the internet. Make sure that the rated output of the charger is matched to the product or device that needs charging.

Reminders When Charging Electronic Cigarettes

Aside from using appropriate chargers with ecigs, there are other things that you need to pay attention to when charging ecig batteries.

A charging ecigarette must not be left unattended. This way, if something happens or goes wrong, you could deal with it as soon as possible. Leaving the ecigarette plugged into the charger overnight is like inviting danger and trouble. It is important that the battery is unplugged once the battery has reached full charge. You must also not charge near any source of intense cold and heat. You must also place it away from children and other flammable items.

Use only the manufacturer’s charger as much as possible. If the charger that comes with your ecig is not available, the power rating and the threading of the alternative charger should accurately match your original charger’s rating and threading.