Yes, counterfeit ecigarettes and vaporizers are supported by a number of vapers most likely due to lack of financial capabilities to buy authentic, but expensive ecig devices. Yet, counterfeit products are not condoned by the law just like what happened to a man who was recently arrested by the Winchester police for allegedly selling fake vaporizers.

The 54 years old Anthony Christopher Marino has been arrested by police officers in his Winchester home where hundreds of fake items were also found and seized. ‘Multiple counts of counterfeit trademark distribution and larceny by a single scheme’ was charged to Marino.

The police have been working with the agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement/Homeland Security. Together, they have spent months on investigating the reports about the local man who had several registered domain names on the internet through which he sells counterfeit vaporizer under the Ploom brand name. Ploom is actually a manufacturer of vaporizer and the company is based in Califrnia, USA.

After Marino’s activities are tracked that included customers and shipments. The authorities made controlled purchases of Marino’s fake products. Then, the Winchester police served him with a warrant in order to search Marino’s home located on the Belknap Terrace where roughly 300 counterfeit products are found. It has been known that these fake products are even sold online by Marino at roughly the same price as the original Ploom vaporizers. Although Marino was bailed, the police said he may be charged more.

Warning On Ploom Fakes

Up on the website of Ploom is a warning about fake Ploom vaporizers. This post was even accompanied by a video from a vaper who has compared a fake and a real Ploom vaporizer.

Probably more effective than identifying a fake device from an authentic Ploom item is to purchase devices only from authorized sellers. From the video, the vapers said that the package alone can tell if the item is counterfeit or not.

The package of the fake Ploom Pax has blurred printed images while the authentic device has a package with clear and sharp image. The box of the fake is rather hard to open and has parts that easily come apart. The box of the original is of high quality; easy to slide open and parts are well glued together. The vaper, however, interestingly finds the instructional manual on the fake better than that of the original Pax.

Yet, there is even an interesting post on eBay where many of the fake items (Ploom Pax) and other ecigarettes and ecig mods) are sold. This eBay article discussed about how one can identify a fake Pax from a real Pax.

One more obvious telltale sign of a knockoff is the price. Fakes are often sold at really cheaper prices. Yet, there are some villains like Marino who attempt (and successfully so) to sell a knock-off at prices the same as the original.

A real Pax vaporizer can be charged even if the mouthpiece is not pulled. Fakes require the mouthpiece to be removed in order to plug it into the charger. The outer shell of the authentic Pax is smooth whereas the fake has an outer shell that feels rather cheesy and of poor quality.

The fake Pax has regular Philips head screw at the back while the riginal has a torx. A fake has a serial number under the mouthpiece that starts with PX. There should also be nothing on the vaporizer that is stamped or resembles like it is stamped.

The charger of a fake often has 5 V output while the original charger has 9 V output. The fake is also lighter at about 89 grams while the original weighs 96 grams.