Switching to vaping alone could already make a statement that you have finally decided to take a step toward a better life. However, if you wish to make a further statement about yourself through vaping, Vapor Jackets offers you a possible option.

What Vapor Jackets Offer

It offers vapor jackets or wraps or skins for electronic cigarettes. Most brands of electronic cigarettes in the market offer devices in plain white or black colors. For others, these plain colors are already sufficient, but many people would like something more colorful and stylish; after all, colors and style could add more meaning to life.

Vapor Jackets offer more than just different colors of ecigarette skins. It offers several styles, patterns and graphics. There are essentially numerous options to choose from that you might find it rather difficult to choose something that will show the world your true self.

There are ecig battery jackets you can buy for $2 each and ecig cartridge jackets for $1 each. If choosing is indeed too difficult to make, you can just buy any of the pre-configured collections for $4.95 each.

You could match your ecig to your wardrobe, your jewelry, bag or purse, car, boat or bicycle. These ecig skins offer the best option to fully personalize vaping.

VJs offer not just added personal style to your device. Your ecig is also wrapped in static resistant skin that effectively protects the battery against close brushes, scratches or accidental drops.

From White Cloud Product Line

These ecigarette skins are not just exclusively found from the Electronic Cigarette Skins website. If you happen to be browsing through the product catalogue of White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes, one of the leading brands of ecigarettes, you could actually find there more than 10 pre-configured collections of ecigarette wraps from Electronic Cigarette Skins.

This means that you could pair the premium quality products of White Cloud with the stylish and fashionable graphics of VJs. Each collection actually gives you 7 different designs of ecig skins.

Collection 1, for example, offers Teal Flowers, Blue Manta Rays, Blue, White and Green Circles on Brown Background, Blue Skulls, Black and White Asian Dragon, Blue and Orange Abstract, and Black and White Abstract.

Included designs from Collection 2 are Peacock Feathers, Hippie Flowers, Turtles, Paw Prints, Red Abstract, Brown Abstract, and Blue and Orange Swirls.

How To Use VJs

You will be provided with a trim guide that you can use for cutting the cig skin to a length appropriate for your battery. When cutting, be sure not to cut on the end with graphics. It would be easier to hold the battery during installation by applying the skin with the cartridge attached.

Slide the correctly sized jacket to your battery. Afterward, uniformly apply heat on all sides through a heat gun, hair dryer or butane lighter. The jacket will start to shrink at 135 degrees Fahrenheit, but the best application can be achieved when you heat the jacket with 200 to 230 degrees Fahrenheit.

More About Jackets

Right now, these jackets can only fit batteries of up to 80 mm length and 12 mm diameter. If you are using larger eigs and vaporizers, there are other skins or wraps available in the market such as those for eGos, ProVari and box mods.

VJ graphics are printed using high quality ink so the images and designs are not water soluble. Remember that you used heat to install the jacket. Thus, you can easily replace or change the design of your ecig by simply replacing the jacket with another design. There are no adhesive reside that will be left behind by the jacket.