Njoy, one of the top selling brands of electronic cigarettes in convenience stores, recently announced that it has launched HowToNJOYvaping Blog that it aims to serve as an aid to all ecig retailers and consumers worldwide.

NJOY is confident that it has the specialized touch in terms of product knowledge. Through this new blog, retail partners, ecig/vaping enthusiasts and even beginner vapers would be educated. The company aims to accelerate vaping adoption by the adult smokers in the mainstream trade channels. The growth trend is evident in the growth of vape shops throughout the country.

Proper education is the key in achieving NJOY’s goal; education that appropriately distinguishes smoking from vaping and vice versa. Vaping is a habit inherently more enjoyable than smoking. Through proper education, dedicated use and fast track adoption could be achieved. According to the global chief marketing officer of the company, Geoff Vuleta, the HowToNJOYvaping Blog s designed to achieve this.

Difference Of NJOY Blog

There are already a lot of blogs out there that likewise aims to educate the public about vaping and electronic cigarettes. Thus, it is most likely a wonder why NJOY decided to proceed with its own blog.

Taking time to visit the blog, you would discover that this blog is actually different from the majority of other blogs out there. Other blogs normally feature informational articles explaining who, what, where, how and why of vaping.

NJOY’s blog is perfect for those who would not want to be burdened by the task of reading texts and paragraphs. This is because this blog features videos that one could conveniently watch. This is how NJOY wants everyone, especially the beginners to learn about electronic cigarettes.

The videos will serve as useful learning resources for ecig users. Retailers can also use these videos in providing in-store training for their personnel. The videos can also be played through video feeds in-0store monitor and other mobile applications that smokers and vapers use.

The blog is completely a learning resource. It will not sell or promote NJOY or other product brands. Yet, since the blog is made possible by NJOY, there would be nothing wrong if it will promote its products. One thing that you might notice is that the details provided by the blog are mainly for the vaping beginners. The information is not actually up to date considering that the vaping technology and vaping performance are too advanced in comparison with typical cigalikes that NJOY used to offer.

It was only recently that NJOY decided to move forward and embrace the vaporizer category when it launched its latest line of rechargeable vaporizers and eliquids. Thus, it can be expected that the company will soon add more contents to the blog in order to reflect the change in vaping technology. Get 15% off all kits using our V2 Cigs Codes.

Topics Currently Covered

The videos presented in the NJOY blog offers various aspects about vaping beginning. Under Vape general, there are videos that define what vaping is; describes the parts of a vape and introduces one to the world of vaping.

Under the Vape How-To category, you will have videos to watch about filling a vape tank, charging a battery, assembling a vape pen, using a vape pen and describing what an eliquid is.

There are videos about E-liquids, Batteries, Tanks and Mouthpieces. These videos feature storage and expiration, switch battery on/off, battery care, battery storage, and battery replacement, switching flavors through different tanks, switching flavors in the same tank, cleaning and care.

You can also watch videos about the common mistakes by vapers like getting the eliquid inside the center tube, weird eliquid taste, cracking tanks, leaking tanks and dysfunctional device.

You can also watch about where you can vape, how to pair vapor with food, eliquid mixing, vape techniques and trick, vaping cost and getting socially involved.