This new year of 2014 can be your great vaping year if you make a great decision to choose vaping. This year could even become better with Refined Deliverance, Vapor And Gallery venue.

Year For Ecig Learning

In case you have not yet gotten into vaping last 2013, use this year as an opportunity to get to know more and be involved with electronic cigarettes. It is more than just a craze or a fad that many people are getting into.

It is a choice that you can make to start living a healthier life by switching to the better smoking alternative for adults. Instead of burning tobacco, ecigs contain tobacco free e-liquid that it warms up and turn into vapor.

Aside from not giving off offensive and harmful smoke, ecigarettes are also cost-efficient. Electronic cigarettes are the smart choice for smart people.

Why E-liquids From Refined Deliverance

Great Vaping Year Ahead With Refined DeliveranceRefined Deliverance specializes in rare and premium manufactured nicotine e-liquids. This vapor and gallery place is where you need to be if you think you are all set to experience finely crafted and exquisite tasting e-liquids. The store offers only the best in Oakland’s Grand Lake District, a home to many fine vapor shops.

Quality matters most to this vendor. It retails only high quality and premium ejuices that are professionally made and not mixed in house.

The venue is not only a place where you can buy and shop. It is also a place where you could learn, be aware and be educated about threes consumer products. There are classes that will sate every beginner’s curiosity.

Aside from premium ejuices, it also offers a small inventory of selected simple hardware that will offer beginners with an easy, but quality attempt at vaping.

Even advanced vapers will find something for them from the store. Perhaps not a hardware, but e-liquids to enjoy with their favorite mods or devices. Expect nothing but the best e-liquids from this store; ejuices that you would not find in many cheap or discount stores.

From this retail store, you can always expect to get face-to-face and professional service from a dedicated staff.

This brick and mortar store, although not a lounge, offers an inviting and warm space for everyone to discover all about electronic cigarettes. Located in the best shopping district of Oakland, the store also features a rotating Art gallery where you can see and enjoy displayed artworks of exceptional artists. The store values its customers, community and industry more than profits.

Responsible vaping is what the store promotes. A cotton ball technique is used at this store for customers to sample and experience the offered products. This technique is just applicable since 75% of stuff we can taste actually comes from what we can smell.

No Place like Refined Deliverance

There is no place like this store that brings vaping to whole new levels.

The next class it will conduct for beginners at vaping will be on January 7th at 7-8 PM. During this class, you will get to learn all about quality e-liquids. If you have questions about ejuices, this is an opportunity to ask and have them answered.

This class will also teach you to use your battery and cartomizer appropriately. You can sign up online at Refreshments will be served during the class.

Another class on January 15 at 7-8 PM is when you can bring a friend with you. After you have known about the good news, it is time to share it with another person. You and your friend could learn together and enjoy the served refreshments together.

You can find the store very easily. You can find it at 3411 Lakeshore Avenue, Oakland in CA. The store is open Thursdays to Saturdays at 11-7 and on Sundays at 11-4.