The DC Vapefest was held last March 21-22 at Hyatt Dulles in Herndon, Virginia. Needless to say, it was a successful fundraiser event that was filled with fun and camaraderie (along with vapor clouds).

The scent inside the venue was quite intriguing and mystifying. One could have smelt vanilla at one time, cherry at another time, then guava and some other fruits later. Nonetheless, with all the different ejuice flavors that attendees vaped during the DC vapefest, nobody certainly endured the foul smell of tobacco smoke.

During the event, a vaper named Beefcake the Mighty and wore a mythic warlord costume offered to autograph people’s eliquid bottles and containers. He was like a celebrity to whom many people flocked. After all, the paid celebrity endorsers of ecigarette products would possibly not grace such occasions unless they are really passionate about vaping.

An Event For The Vaping Community And Industry

The Vapefest is both a convention and a fundraising occasion where ecig users and vendor meet and gather. It was here were vapers met with one another; where vendors were able to create and strengthen their business network and where they personally met with their customers.

If you were lucky to have attended this enjoyable vaping convention, you would know that there is hardly a dull moment there. Even if you have roamed the room while vaping for 5 hours, you will still have a lot of other interesting people to meet and chat with.

DC Vapefest was organized by the National Vapers Club. Its financial secretary Cheryl Ritcher remarked that people have found ecigs and they were able to get away from cigarettes. They even developed more fervent passion for ecigs. Ritcher also owns an electronic cigarette shop in Port Chester, New York.

She said vapers now like hanging out with fellow vapers, not with smokers because they now dislike the smell of cigarette smoke. At the Dulles Hyatt on that Friday afternoon, the smell of the room where about 1,000 people have gathered for two days was pungent, but sweet.

A Mix Of Various Looks

The event was open to all vapers and vaping stakeholders. There were no required clothes or outfits so everyone was free to come in any garb they like to wear. The view was a mix of various sorts, yet people shared something in common: their enjoyment while vaping. Some wore suits; some wore their casual clothes and some looked as if they were from Middle Earth.

Another fun part of the convention was the sellers and vendors of ecigarette products. One vendor sold shire malt, Grandpa’s cough medicine, etc. Some vendors offered ecig mods that even took appearance of sheathed light sabers. Ecigarette products sold he ewer far from the dainty pens or cigalikes that are available from gas stations and convenience stores.

Vapers And Their Vaping Subculture

One vaper, Matt Wellman, was even using an ecig like the pipe used by Gandalf. It was made of spalted tamarind; clawlike, shankless and handsome. Wellman has a shop called Steam Cigs where he has fashioned this particular mod. Steam Cigs is located in Lawrenceville, Georgia and serves as a lounge place for vapers and a manufacturing base for making mods. Wellman said his pipe is a beautiful battery holder.

Wellman is a former remodeler of homes who made his first ever pipe December 2010 with the pipe smoker tools of his grandfather. He has founded ePipeMods and has since created 10,000 pieces of e-pipes. His company now employs a dozen employees and expects to make $1million in profits this year.

The ecig industry was not something built overnight. Small ecig companies started from scratch and worked their ways to success. Now, as more smokers see ecigs as beneficial as and better than their traditional cigarettes, the industry and community are attacked from all sides with every possible argument that are often unjust and unreasonable.

During the festivities, Cynthia Cabrera of SFATA remarked that it is not about saving lives, but about selling lifestyle products. When smokers decide to try ecigs, they later realize that ecigs changed their way of living; which is fortunately away from cigarette smoking.

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