Standing for what is right is the guiding principle of Free To Vape. Such was the belief of the forefathers who founded the great country of United States of America.

The organization Free To Vape encourages everyone to stand up against the imminent FDA regulations, as citizens and as vapers. These regulations, as written, will be the crushing end for the industry.

Constant Innovation And Unceasing Improvement

These are among the greatest asses of the vaping industry and vaping products. Vaping has rapidly grown because it is able to cater to every personal preference of vapers. If the FDA regulations will be implemented as they are now written, available products in the market will be limited and will reduce vapers’ selection and ecigarette efficiency.

Vapers have only until August 8th to make their voices heard by the FDA. Right now, the organization’s cause is already promoted by 32, 846 vapers.

Easy Communications Tool

Free To Vape is an organization that provides a simple and easy means of communication with the FDA, respective lawmakers and Congress Committee members who would review and approve the regulations.

The organization will print participating vapers’ thoughts and comments on paper sheets and drop these printouts directly at FDA offices. Letters to Congressman/ Senators/ the Committee Members will be directly faxed in real time.

The law requires FDA to review and to record every submission it receives and it is in this regard where the organization could be of help. The organization offers an opportunity for all vapers to stand as one and speak with a very loud voice to save the innovative masterpiece of the community of vapers.

Grassroots Importance is based on the principle that true grassroots movement is not one that is organized by political forces. Instead, it sprung up suddenly because of the pressing issue that the community is in need of change or enhancement.

It is a grassroots-driven tool that allows every vaper to decide that vaping is what they need. It also allows everyone who has decided to support the cause to have an easy to use and fast means to voice out concerns, thoughts and comments.

Perhaps many people have heard about the FDA purposed regulations, but not all of them know that how these regulations will affect them if implemented as they are. If inappropriate and excessive policies are implemented, vapers could no longer walk into a vaping store; visit or shop from a favorite online vape store; or continue to buy the products that they now love and use.

Help Spread The Word

Up on the FreeToVape website is a flyer that everyone could freely print out and display on brick and mortar stores or perhaps distribute to other people.

There are also various YouTube videos that need and could be shared. The organization aims to gather more than half a million entries in order to express in a loud and impactful voice that vaping ought to be allowed rather than extinguished.

Behind FreeToVape are actually regular people who felt excited about the idea of doing something that will help vapers defend themselves against the suppression threat of the FDA regulations. If pushed through and implemented, these policies will benefit only the large tobacco companies and large ecig companies. Smaller cigarette firms that are fairly competing in the market will be unfairly put out of business.

After the FDA proposals were published, Brent Stock went to look for as much reaction and information. He read news clips and articles, watched videos and more. He said that the interview of Dr. Ross was an enlightening source of information that explains the consequences of inappropriate regulations.

Brent, along with Kurt Loeblish, Elliot Moos, Aidan Quigley and others are now working together to promote the cause of their organization and empower all vapers in fighting for their right.