The federal government is protecting the cigarette industry. This is evident from the way FDA and CDC are undermining the anti-smoking messages by ecig companies, said Dr. Michael Siegel. Professor Siegel has been in tobacco control for 25 years and is now a firm believer that ecigarettes can help make a change in this tobacco smoking dilemma.

Almost Equally Hazardous

A recent study published in American Journal of Preventive Medicine showed that half of the adult population still believes that ecigs and real cigs are almost equal in terms of the hazards they can give to the public.

Of the adults aware of electronic cigarettes, 49.3% believe that cigarettes are no more dangerous than the electronic cigarettes, which involve no combustion, contain no tobacco and were shown to produce vapors with very low levels of toxins and carcinogens.

Despite the widespread ecig marketing and claims that the products are safer alternatives to real combustible cigarettes, the public remains split almost to the middle in thinking whether ecigs and fags are equally dangerous or not.

Dr. Siegel said that the results demonstrate how successful the disseminated messages of FDA, CDC, lawmakers and other health groups are in opposing the anti-tobacco messages by the electronic cigarette companies.

Ecig companies have been marketing ecigarettes and telling consumers that the devices could gretly help in preventing the hazards caused by smoking. This is a complete and ironic reversal of a past similar occurrence. In the past, public health groups have been sending these anti-smoking messages and cigarette industry is accused of undermining such efforts.

Now, electronic cigarette companies are the ones sending out these messages and the health groups are the ones contradicting and destabilizing the anti-smoking messages. Bizarrely ironic and unfortunate, said Professor Siegel, because the anti-smoking messages destabilized by the health groups and federal government contribute to the incorrect and unhealthy perception that cigarette smoking is not worse than vaping.

For years, smoking has been confirmed by numerous studies to be the cause of diseases and premature deaths of many people. Ecig use, which critics say are relatively young and new that long term effects still, cannot be confirmed, are already being equated to smoking in terms of harms albeit lack of scientific evidence.

Commissioner Margaret Hamburg of the FDA said that they are science-based, but it is already convicting electronic cigarettes of the crimes that tobacco cigarettes have been causing although there are no scientific proofs at all. FDA and other groups such as the CDC are making people to wrongly believe that ecigs can do no good.

Spreading Incorrect Perception

The incorrect perception deters many smokers from cutting down or quitting smoking through the use of ecigarettes. Clearly, the efforts of the FDA, CDC and health groups are essentially protecting and promoting the tobacco industry and its sales against the non-tobacco electronic products. The FDA has released its proposed regulations to strictly consider ecigarettes as tobacco. In essence, these policies will restrict ecigarettes while tobacco cigarettes remain widely available to the public.

This is a tragic reversal of roles. Cigarette companies versus the public health groups and federal government before; electronic cigarette companies versus public health groups and federal government now. It is not just roles that the federal government and public health groups decided to switch, but also their stance. They were against the tobacco industry before, but they are now favoring and supporting this very industry that they claim are pushing people to their deaths.

Smoking remains the single most preventable cause of deaths and diseases. Smoking is what ecigs are attempting to defeat. Federal government and public health groups used to intensely fight against smoking. Yet, they are now annihilating the ecigarette industry that also aims to push aside the smoking industry. Caring people could only think and imagine exactly what motivates these groups to oppose ecigs.