On various accounts, the Chicago Vapebash seems to be a successful event. However, it is not the best example of an event that will give the vaping community an image of friendliness, levelheadedness and approachability. Incidentally, there have been some proceedings at the Vapebash that should remind vapers about their vaping decorum.

Electronic cigarettes are devices with great potentials to benefit smokers and the public as a whole. Yet, it is now in the midst of controversies and verge of harsh rules. The Vapebash events are a clear indication that some vapers are not aware they might be contributing to the harsh treatment given to vapers.

The Unexpected Disturbance

The signed contract with the organizers stated that vaping will be allowed in any area of the hotel. Yet during the event, a few fire alarms have activated from too much vapors. Fire marshals have also dropped by several times.

Events At Chicago VapeBash Reminds About Vaping DecorumIn the end, the hotel decided to change its policy and sent a letter to the guests stating that ecigarettes could only be used in the ballrooms and foyers. Additional staff was also deployed to police and boot vapers setting off their rooms’ smoke detectors.

The grievances of a vaper were even heard on air via the radio show Click, Bang. The complaints were quite reasonable. The hotel might not be aware at the time of signing what it is getting into when it agreed to allow vaping on all its facilities, but this is not an excuse to give the Vapebash attendees poor customer service through abrupt change of policies.

The hotel’s sudden decision against vaping and vapers might have been caused by other incidents during the event. The hotel representative mentioned about tampering of smoke detectors. Some might have done this intentionally so they can freely vape inside their rooms without worrying that the alarm will go off.

It is a requirement for hotels to maintain and ensure that their smoke detectors are functional. Tampering of these smoke alarms is also a misdemeanor in most states, which is probably why some vapers were booted.

Some vapers decide they will no longer stay in the hotel when the vaping issue occurred and they were given full refunds.

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Questioned Vaping Decorum

As response to the crackdown, some vapers staged a cloud blowing competition during the last day to show the hotel their dislike for the abrupt policy change.

The callous response of the hotel staff could have come obviously from the antagonistic and ill-mannered behavior of some vapers.

Putting the hotel decision aside, vaping decorum that is encouraged to be practiced by every vaper is all about considering what other people might think or feel when an ecig use vapes in their company.

Eigs are now quite popular, but there still remains a big part of society that is not aware about electronic cigarettes. It is highly possible that there were some other hotel guests not involved with the vaping event who are not familiar with ecigarettes.

These people would see vapers are law violators. They would surely have a good impression about the vaping community when they see ecig user brazenly blowing smoke in the faces of everyone.

Actions done during ecig and vaping events like the Chicago Vapebash will always be used by others to judge the community and the industry. These are the actions that have impact on local authorities and could make them against ecigarettes.

While ecigarettes might have marketed as a means to reclaim social freedom, vapers still need to be careful with their words and actions in public. Social freedom is definitely good, but practicing etiquette now would not be a pain because it will serve as key to eventually gain vaping freedom.