Each day, the number of smokers taking interest at ecigarettes increases. This is because these smokers are discovering that electronic cigarettes are solutions to their smoking dilemmas. While smokers appreciate the products for the benefits they receive, regulators and lawmakers worldwide are turning these solutions into problems by presenting their imagined fears about the products.

Ecig Sales Vs Tobacco Sales

The popularity of ecigarettes is evident. Sales last 2013 have reached about $2 billion. Experts project that in 10 years or so, ecigs could surpass and beat traditional tobacco cigarettes. The ongoing sales growth of ecigarettes has a major impact on tobacco sales. The governments are very aware of this because as cigarette sales decline, their excise tax revenue are also reduced.

Ecigarettes manufacturers cannot advertise their products with therapeutic or medicinal effects or they will deal with the wrath of the FDA. Thus, the products are promoted as stand-alone devices that could substitute real cigarettes. Smokers who have tried using them realize they are more than just smoke alternatives, but highly possible smoke cessation tools.

More experts are coming out and making statements about ecigs as potentially beneficial to smokers and to the general public. These professionals believe that ecig use must be supported and promoted so more smokers will use them. More smokers using ecigs will mean lower rates of deaths and diseases caused by tobacco smoke.

Ecigarette Politics

Electronic cigarettes will undoubtedly save many lives from deaths and diseases. Yet, this is not how politicians see or recognize the devices. Despite being potential solutions to the tobacco smoking addiction in society, the products are instead seen as a threat by the public officials.

As mentioned above, as more smokers switch to ecigarettes, tobacco cigarette sales so governments lose their revenues. Unfortunately, these politicians were also said to have developed dependence to sin taxes that their supposed public service projects are funded by cigarette tax revenues.

It is due to this reason that many politicians are presenting reports and releasing statements that essentially demonize the products. Various issues are thrown that include long term health effects of vaping that are not yet known since the products are not in the market for a long time.

They claim they worry about ecigs attracting youths to become new nicotine addicts. Ecigs are offered at different delicious flavors that are believed to lure children and teenagers. Ecig marketing is also worrying legislators because they say these are the same tactics used by the tobacco industry before.

The recent controversy on ecigs involves the increasing incidents of poisoning that mostly involve very young children. Almost part of everyday news is ecigarette explosions. While the accidents are not caused by the devices themselves, but of the improper charging practices of users; some media outlets seem to put the blame on ecigs.

It is becoming a disconcerting issue among vapers that politicians are once again practicing their habit of creating problems out of the available solutions. They refuse to see any of the benefits of ecigs.

Many are then thinking that they are doing this opposition on purpose so that they could convince the public that ecigs must be placed with onerous taxes. This way, ecig tax revenues will cover the losses from declining tobacco tax revenues.

This clearly shows that some lawmakers are really not concerned about the welfare of the public, but of the state of the public coffers and their personal wallets. Ecigarettes are solutions meant to be applied and promoted.

Supporting ecigs would even do well for the government. If more smokers would switch to vaping, the rates of deaths and diseases due to smoking will be decreased. The government would no longer need to spend immense amount of money on the medical needs of those affected. There will also be no need to spend a lot of money on campaigns to deter people from smoking.

Nevertheless, it can only be surmised that lawmakers and health groups insist that ecigs are (their) problems because ecigs rob them of revenue and funds.