The use of electronic cigarettes in public and as smoke cessation tool is the topic of a guest article on by Meaghan Earley. She is an associate at the Euphoria Vapor in Middleburg Heights. She approves vaping in public and vaping for smoke cessation.

Banned In Public Or Not

Using electronic cigarettes in public has been the subject of debate for some time. Earley said that working for the vape lounge Euphoria Vapor, she is not in favor of public vaping ban. Many would think that this is only expected of her since she works at a vape lounge. Nonetheless, she explained that her reason for her stance goes deeper than this.

She said that everyone needs to be honest in admitting that ecigarettes smell a lot better than the combustible cigarettes. This causes no worries for other individuals surrounding the ecigarette user. Bystanders need not be worried about toxic fumes that can enter the bodies or about secondhand smoke that can endanger the body just like first hand smoke. Vaping produces no smoke emission of any kind because the devices generate vapors instead of smoke.

The vapor exhaled, she said, contains no nicotine and even smells deliciously. Unlike smoke that lingers long in the air, ecig vapors disappear into the air quite fast. In Ohio at this time of the year when winter is about a few weeks to go, the state citizens could expect to deal once more with the snow, harsh wind and below zero temperatures.

Using ecigarettes eliminate the need to go outside for a smoke if a person is still smoking real cigarettes. There are many local policy makers and business owners deciding to ban public indoor vaping. This will force vapers to go outside to vape. Outside, these vapers will once again be exposed to smoke and be exposed to the temptation of smoking cigarettes once again.

Public vaping bans also still treat vapers as smoker even though they have already worked to distance themselves from smoking through vaping. Vapers are technically non-smokers so the protection to health that smoking bans provide the non-vaping non-smokers should also be the same protection that vapers must be given.

Electronic Cigarettes For Smoke Cessation

Those vapers using ecig as means to stop smoking might be thinking what the point of being a vaper is when they still receive the same scorn tat society gave them when they were still smoking cigarettes.

Ecigarettes kits are now being considered by more and more people in getting off the nicotine addiction. Through vaping, they hope to no longer endure extreme outdoor weather just to address their nicotine cravings. Bans are pushing them out once again and their efforts might all be in vain.

Public health advocates and public officials were once supportive to smokers who want to quit the habit. Yet, it now becomes clear that these advocates would only be enthusiastic to help if smokers will only use nicotine replacement therapy products or cessation drugs that FDA approved.

Their actions show that they are not really about successful smoke cessation, but only about the use of products made by pharmaceutical companies that provide them with grant money and financial sponsorship.

Critics justify their actions to an ecig use by saying not enough is known about ecigs and vaping must therefore be feared. They assume vaping as smoking and decide against it. As critics continue to voice out their ungrounded fears, millions of lives are lost instead of being given the opportunity for salvation. They insist that people should not trust ecigs. Unfortunately, these claims only spread misconception that smoking is safer than vaping since a lot is already known about smoking.