The UK government has recently announced its plans to require all cigarette manufacturers to use dull brown cigarette packaging. These proposed regulations will restrict information on the packet. Information will only be written using standard text.

The government also plans to scrap sales of ten-packs of cigarettes. The minimum number of cigarettes in each pack that will be allowed to be sold is 20. The proposed policies will be subject to 6-week consultation as ministers try pushing these measures forward prior to the General Election.

This plain packaging has been introduced in the past, but is now revived by the government in response to the public commotion.

Lynton Crosby, a Tory election strategist who has a PR firm that lobbied for tobacco firms has been accused that his PR firm lobbied for tobacco firms, is accused of playing a role in convincing the ministers to drop the measure.

According to the Public Health Minister Jane Ellison, it is important that any decision is fully and properly informed. She said that the consultation includes a draft regulations set that clearly states how the policy will be practiced and enforced.

Dull Brown Cigarette Packaging

The proposed regulations state that the outside surface of packs will be in drab brown matte color. The inside will be in either drab brown or white.

Product names and brand names may only appear once on the bottom, top and from surfaces of the packs. The only details that will be allowed are quantity, manufacturer, and health warnings. The only allowed fond for all texts is Helvetica. If additional wrappings are required, they should be transparent and colorless.

Euro MPs voted last year the ban on sales of 10-pack cigarettes and this will be implemented in today’s regulations. Plain packaging was initially supported by the coalition. Yet, this was dropped in July 2013. Back then, it was already suspected back then that Mr. Crosby and his lobbying firm are involved in opposing the plain packaging in Australia; that he persuaded David Cameron in not pursuing it. He denied lobbying the Prime Minister.

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Will Keep Earning Profits Despite Display Ban

Allison Cooper is just one of the 4 women who run a FTSE company. She is the chief executive for Imperial Tobacco. She said that they are already horribly used to the immense decline in cigarette consumption everywhere. In Russia, the company’s volumes dropped by 8% after the sales ban in kiosks.

In Britain, Imperial Tobacco used to hold 45$ market share, but this too had decreased by 7%. Still, Imperial Tobacco was able to sell 140 billion cigarettes during the first half of the fiscal year although this amount is less 12 billion from the previous year.

She added that she hopes that the recovery of high end cigars sales in Spain will also be good news for the company. She explained that display bans make no difference as well as bigger warnings on the packets.

The only thing they saw to have made a difference is the public smoking ban as it reduces occasions for smoking. Smoking is an adult decision and many adults still choose to smoke despite decades of being reminded of reasons not to smoke.

Raising taxes on cigarettes along with plain packaging have unwanted effects. Originally thought to be helpful, these measures even result to undesirable effects. In Australia, for example, where the first in the world plain packaging policies were enforced, resulted to the success and proliferation of the back cigarette market. Not only does the government lose revenues from untaxed products, but smokers also choose to smoke the cheaper, low quality cigarettes.