The digital publication Cigar Advisor Magazine has published an opinion article about electronic cigarettes.

The online magazine usually provides entertaining as well as informative contents to all cigar enthusiasts out there.  On its latest update of the instructional series Cigar 101, it also published a good reading piece that detailed ecigarette benefits and drawbacks along with a guide on using the devices.

The magazine, although committed to providing cigar useful contents also attract more readers by offering wide variety of topics that people at present days find interesting; such as electronic cigarettes.

“Cigar Advisor’s Take on Electronic Cigarettes”

This is the title of the opinion piece by Jonathan Detore, a Cigar Advisor copywriter.

According to Detore, his curiosity and quality of being experimental have urged him to buy Blu Cigs starter kit.  He still uses and smokes cigar and tries different and new related products because they were part of his job.

In the past several days before he wrote the piece, it was this device that he has been puffing on while working at his desk.  From these few days of ecig use, he said that the experience was quite good.

Vaping, according to him, has been an increasing trend within the smoking industry due to the fact that many people are choosing to be health-wise. People these days are looking for ways to kick off smoking habit.

In his piece, Detore also told the readers that aside from him, there were 3 other fellows at Cigar Advisor who have bought their electronic cigarettes from Blu. They stopped their usual 1-2 packs a day after using ecig so he nor further believes that vaping is healthier and helpful in quitting.

He acknowledged Blu’s offering of cartridges in varying levels of nicotine. This, he said, is helpful in gradually cutting back one’s nicotine consumption.

The best part for him is the different flavors of ecig cartridges available in the market.  He said he can stick with tobacco and coffee flavors, but consumers could choose other delicious and wild flavors like Champagne or strawberry and kiwi fruit.  For him, this is one area where ecigs can improve with time.  He stated that flavors are great concepts of vaping, but they can be made more potent.  He said that when he buys cherry flavored vape, he would like this to really taste more like real cherries and not just a hint.  The product category is still new so some aspects are understandably in need of improvements.

There are several things that Detore believes would need improvement and working out.  Cigars, for example, took centuries to evolve in a form that people know of them today.  Cigars twenty years ago were very different from the cigars of today.

Worth Picking Up Electronic Cigarettes.  

At the end of his article, Detore stated that it is indeed worthy to give ecigarettes a try.  It is worth picking up if a person is trying to stop one’s smoking habit or even to add some flavors o the daily curbing on nicotine cravings.

In the long run, ecigs also offer more cost efficiency than traditional cigarettes. The devices are also healthier because of the minimal ingredients used that include food grade ingredients such as water, PG and VG.  He also liked that ecigarettes look great.

However, being a cigar enthusiast that he is, Detore remarked that ecigs are absolutely not substitutes for cigars.  According to him, there is simply no way that a user can get the complex flavors of cigars in these flavor cartridges.

It may be possible, but it will be a great task to accomplish and it would take a while.  Cigars, for him, are still supreme.  Still, for those who are looking for something new and interesting, he recommends these ecigarettes.