Ecigarette Commercial Advertising is now a common advertising strategy used by many electronic cigarette companies and brands like Blu, MarkTen, Mistic and Njoy. They advertise on radio, TV, magazines and other avenues to strategically market their products.

While this advertising is smart and effective, it requires that a company has more than sufficient financial capability. It takes serious amount of money in order to be seen on the big screen and to be plastered with a complete ad inside a magazine.

Filling A Gap

There is a gap between the ecigarette commercial advertising and advanced devices that results from the fact that majority of advanced devices manufacturers are based in China. This is a gap that when filled could result to ample benefits for the electronic cigarette sector. Filling this gap will boost the industry at a very quick pace than the analysts have predicted.

Benefiting The Industry

Commercial advertising of advanced devices will force other top ecig brands to match the performance of these advanced products. They will compete through addition of advanced devices to their current line of products.

Benefits Of Ecigarette Commercial AdvertisingOnce leading brands have become active in these advanced products, the industry could become bigger in terms of product options offered to the public. Many smokers are exposed only to the cig-a-likes that are widely available in gas stations, convenience stores and other similar outlets. These cig-a-likes are also the only ones being promoted through commercial advertising.

They, thus, start off with these cig-a-likes and eventually move on to better performing products. However, not all smokers who have tried cig-a-likes will be satisfied. Some would not come close to even the slightest degree of satisfaction and therefore go back to smoking conventional cigarettes.

If advanced devices are also advertised like cig-a-likes, new vapers will have better chances of success in transitioning to vaping. Apparently, ecigarette commercial advertising at present is only fort the cig-a-likes.

Latest Ecig Advertising

Speaking of electronic cigarette advertising, the latest to have launched an ad campaign is Blu Cigs. It was June 9, when Blu launched its £20 million worth campaign in the UK.

It was a 40-secod ad that Brothers and Sisters created. The Los Angeles-based Skinny Marc-Edouard Leon and David Hache directed the ad. Blu Freedom is the concept of the commercial wherein there is a group of friend living with no restraints from traditional cigarette smoking.

The ad was edited by Cut & Run. The media was planned and purchased by Rocket and will also feature experiential, digital and outdoor advertising as well as social media.

In the story, the friends transformed the derelict urban space into one stylish venue complete with turntables and speakers for a party one night. The electronic music of Ninja Tune-artist Two Fingers was featured in the ad.

This TV spot will be aired on satellite TV channels each day after 10 PM until the month of December. It aims to attract adult smokers aged over 25 years old. It also aims to reach 90% of smokers aged 25 to 44 by the end of 2014.

Blu Ecig chief executive Jacob Fuller stated that Blu Freedom is the visual metaphor for freedom smokers could reclaim if they switch to Blu ecigarettes. They will no longer be restrained by the limits that traditional cigarette smoking puts on their lives. Smokers will be able to reclaim freedom and embrace the choice they made just as the characters in the ad have done.

Blu also hopes to place itself on the center stage in numerous shops this month through retail partnership with The Co-Operative, ASDA and WH Smith.

Apart from the TV spot, there will also be nationwide electronic music tour in Edinburgh, Brighton, Manchester, etc.

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