Many people realize how beneficial electronic cigarettes kits are and as the number of ecig users increase, many officials also become wary, particularly officers of school districts. Ecigarettes are products supposed to be used by adult smokers as alternative to real cigarettes. Yet, lack of federal regulations enable some minors to access these products that are forbidden for them. School officials, therefore, enforce policies to ban ecig use.

In California

San Mateo County Community College District has joined the roster of academic organizations that ban ecig use. This move coincides with the measures taken by other Peninsula entities that previously decided against the use of electronic cigarettes.

The district board of trustees has decided that ecig use will not be allowed on campuses. This measure will allow the provision of safe working and learning environment for employees and for students. In the staff report, it was noted that there are evidences pointing to the harmfulness of ecigarette vapors. It is also stated in the report that it is the intention of the district to provide smoke-free surroundings to everyone in every possible way.

Barbara Christensen, who is the district’s community/government relations director, said that the board wanted to be out of the policy. She said that all their policies undergo the process of participatory governance. One member of the faculty staff mentioned about including ecigs in the policy and that almost everyone agreed; thus, included in the policies.

It is also prohibited by the district for anyone from smoking indoors as well as in all leased or owned vehicles and district facilities. Smoking is not allowed within 20 feet from doorways and entrances or fresh air vents.

Every college president may decide to set up his/her own campus smoking rules as long as the 20 feet boundary is imposed. Ecigs will be added to this restriction. Board president Karen Schwarz said that ecigs will also now be restricted within the same boundary or limit.

In South San Francisco, ecig use has also been recently banned in city spaces. Officials are also now working on the outcome of allowing ecig use in cigarette centered establishments in the city. City building, city-owned parking lots, recreation areas, city vehicles, parks, etc. are now no longer places for cigarettes and ecigarettes.

In Pennsylvania

Radnor Township School District committee has also agreed to ban ecig use. The policy applies to students, visitors and staff. No one even made a trivial objection when Superintendent Michael Kelly suggested that ecigs are not things that the district should allow.

Cigarette is already outlawed, Kelly added. The only difference with ecigs is that there will be no fines collected from students breaching the rules. When kids are caught smoking cigarettes, they would be referred to juvenile court.

All tobacco use, board member Susan Stern said, should be banned even to adults particularly because of secondhand smoke. Most workplaces, she noted, already ban smoking.

Kelly explained that the officials will check with the contract of the district with labor unions. He noted f the prohibition for use and not just possession of tobacco. She said that they will not police people for using tobacco during public events.

She also recommended allowing the board to have one hearing officer who would recommend if the student caught violating the policies would be expelled or not. The board will still make final decision in expelling a student or not. The hearing officer is just an option.

Last year, the school district has seen very few expulsions. This policy will also have an effect on non-resident students. Kelly also said that every student will be given the chance to tell their side of the story in every case.