August 8th is the set deadline for passing comments on the deeming regulations of the FDA for treating ecigs as tobacco. This date is now very close so every vaper is encouraged to use this remaining time to contribute to the future of vaping.

As it currently stands, regulations will remove about 99% of all ecig and vaping products from the market. Essentially, this will shut down most businesses and stores. The revolution of vaping will already be cut dead even before it has really begun.

Thus, it is very critical for vapers to use the time and opportunity given to them to let their stories be known to the agency. Individual success stories of vapers will serve as evidences supporting that vaping really helps the wellbeing and health of many people. The remaining hours are vapers’ last chance to make their voices heard and their concerns considered by the FDA.

What Vapers Should Voice Out

The FDA needs to hear from vapers the importance of not imposing policies that will remove the legal market for electronic cigarette products except for the mass produced cigalikes by large companies like tobacco firms.

Vapers must also make it known to the federal agency about the difference ecigs have made in their lives. An example of this is the substantial reduction/elimination of one’s smoking habit). The agency also needs to know why flavors make electronic cigarettes very successful as smoking alternative.

Moreover, the FDA should know the impact that would be created on the lives of vapers if the products they currently use become illegal. It is quite amazing just how many lives ecigs have changed and many of these people are making their own contributions to the future of vaping by submitting their true stories and personal comments. They want to make sure that the FDA has indeed created a record of the actual experiences of ordinary vapers. Together, these stories must be counted by the FDA as it prepares to finalize its rules.

Those vapers who have not yet done their part still have remaining time to do so. It will only take a little of your time to compose the submission. It should be considered and understood by everyone that this is the last opportunity to contribute and make the vaping community’s voice heard to one of the most critical regulatory decisions.

CASAA has prepared a guideline on how to create an efficient call to action. It has outlined the steps in thorough and clear details for submitting comments to the FDA.

Writing Comments

Vapers should know that they are submitting comments as consumers. In writing a comment, it should be explained to the FDA that you are the main stakeholder and that regulations should be made to benefit consumers. It should be emphasized that the regulations in their current form will actually harm stakeholders like you.

Comments must be written in the own words of vapers. Yet, there are some important topics that should importantly be included in the comment.

For personal ecig use, you should indicate how long you have been a smoker and how much your cigarette consumption used to be; if you have already quit smoking or have significantly reduced smoking through ecigs; if you have used other FDA-approved cessation product and how it went; what benefits you have experienced as you started vaping; and if you have experienced health improvements when you switched to vaping.

Indicate how flavors helped you in staying smoke free or in smoking less. Tell also what you would do if the current form of proposed regulations is imposed.

Comments that will exceed 5000 characters should be submitted as an attachment. Submit the comment to!submitComment;D=FDA-2014-N-0189-20870. The category ‘Individual Consumer’ must be chosen. You would need to indicate your name and contact details. The box saying you are submitting on behalf of a third party should be unchecked. Once you have submitted the comment, consider copying your comment number and emailing it to CASAA.