Vivid Vapours offers a wide array of ejuice flavors that are all exceptional. The vivid tastes are characteristics of premium eliquid flavors.

The eliquid brand works endlessly with taste developers throughout the world. A new flavor is only added to the Vivid Vapours product range until it has been extensively and personally tested for satisfaction and taste. The team is composed of smokers who know what other smokers look for.

They know how a pale cigarette substitute differs from an alternative whose taste and quality smokers will surely love. Moreover, the brand is open to suggestions. If you have any idea for a new flavor, just submit your entry and you might win a free Vivig eGo starter kit. Available strengths are 11 and 18 mg.

Ejuices are stong and potent stuff that are meant only for adults. The eliquid should not be swallowed, must not gent on the skin and must be kept away from children’s reach. Immediate medical advice should be sought in case of accidents. All Vivid products are sold only to consumers at least 18 years old.

Berry Blast

This is an ejuice flavor that will feel like squirting berry on your tongue with each puff. The flavor is so mouthwatering that you will seem not to get enough of it. The ejuice comes in an easy to fit bottle with 10 ml of eliquid for £4.99.

Pineapple Rocks

Delicious and juicy classic pineapple is the offering of this ejuice flavor. It is a perfect way to appreciate all the sweet and simple things in life. Moreover, the sugary sweet flavor of this juice will not burden you with extra calories to burn so you could vape all you want.

Cinnamon Apple

This ejuice is spicy and fruity and will warm your tongue with the taste that just lingers in your mouth. It is a flavor that will give fruit lovers something more to enjoy.

It is one of the highly popular flavors Vivid Vapors offer. It is time to get your to finally understand why many love this ejuice flavor.

Citrus Fruit

As you vape this juice, you would definitely have a hard time maintaining a straight face. It is the most amazing lemon and lime vape juice you could ever get and if others discover that you have it, they will definitely try to grab your ecig from you so they can also try the citrus vape juice themselves.

Apricot Peach

This is an especially great vape juice to enjoy when the summer season is at its peak; or even during the coldest winter day if you just want to experience a little sunshine in your vapors. You will definitely get the taste of the sun and the enticing aroma of summer fruits in each puff.

Fruit Fusion

All the great fruit flavors are present in this brilliant and bursting fruit flavor fusion. There are people who just want to get it all in one vape juice so Vivid gives them a smorgasbord of the best fruits. One flavor bottle is loaded with ripe summer fruits with slight autumn flavors that are perfectly blended together.

Classic Tobacco

This is just a great way to enjoy tobacco without enduring the foul odor and harmful effects of smoke.

Golden Tobacco

This is the flavor that comes with an ecig starter kit. This is a flavor you will find very much like your own brand of cigarette. It is a perfect choice for those who are just starting out in the vaping habit.

Menthol Breeze

This offers a cleansing sensation that packs a good punch with its minty taste.

Cappuccino Cream

Real cappuccino taste in every puff; what else could be better than that?

Red Wings

This is for the smokers on the go. The mix of energy drink and vodka will definite boost you whenever you need it.

If you like to sample all the 11 Vivid flavors, then grab yourself a pack of them. When you receive your ejuice package, you could even mix and match to create your personal concoction.