Senior Editor Benedict Lam of the PJ Publication has discussed in his latest article that electronic cigarettes are becoming ever present in Pharmacy Shows.

Last October 5, Lam attended for the first time a pharmacy show held at NEC Birmingham. As a first timer, he wanted to know what he should expect from the show. Thus, he asked his colleagues who have attended such events before. Their most common response to him was that there are plenty of exhibitors at pharmacy shows.

He realized that there is truth to this remark when he was finally at the show. Even before he reached the actual Pharmacy Show, Lam said that he has already passed by a few exhibitions the size of football field. When he reached the entrance to the show, he somewhat expected that the show floor will be dominated by pharmaceutical companies.

Not Really What He Expected

He certainly saw big pharmaceutical companies like GSK, Pfizer and Quantum Pharmaceutical taking up larger floor spaces. Yet, a bigger part of his attention had been caught by the presence of various stands of electronic cigarettes.

This is indeed a surprising scene to behold considering that most public health groups, advocates and officials are not very warmly accepting ecigarettes as smoking cessation tools or as anything medicine related. Yet, there were electronic cigarette brands that were part of the exhibition that Lam had attended.

He mentioned about one brand of ecigs that used a car as a prop at the entrance to its big stand. Row after row of exhibitions Lam went through and he realized that there were not just a few, but many ecigarette brands that joined in the Pharmacy Show. Some ecigs exhibitions even featured cool designs and interesting branding.

Been Around For Some Time

Being the journalist that he is, he talked to some veteran attendees of pharmacy shows and they told him that ecigarette exhibitors have been joining such events for many years now. They said that the presence of ecigarette brands in such shows is interestingly increasing year after year.

This is not surprising at all since the industry of electronic cigarettes is one that also grows impressively. Last year alone, the global sales of the devices reached £1.76billion.

Still, there remains a somewhat uncertain aspect about ecigarettes in pharmacies. There is still an ongoing debate in whether or not ecigs should be used by smokers who wish to drop the smoking habit. Although majority of health officials do not approve ecigarettes, many smokers are still turning to them as last hope in their efforts to quit smoking.

Although critics choose to ignore it, these smokers actually attain success in their cessation attempts through the help of ecigarettes. Thus, there are some officials, health care providers and pharmacists/pharmacies considering ecigs as great solution for smokers who want to quit the habit.

Better Ecigs Than Cigs

For Lam, he said that he thinks people are better off vaping than smoking if the NRTs and medicines do not work for them. Yet, he remains uncertain if he would feel at ease or even comfortable when he walks inside a pharmacy and sees that it offers some more exotic ecig brands.

On the Exhibitors List found at, ecig companies that were listed include Diamond Mist. It is an established elite brand of ecigarettes and accessories that cater to wholesale and retail market.

Another ecig brand exhibitor is E-Vapor8 LTD that offers eliquids that were made from pure fruit extracts and pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Its products are distributed via AAH Network. Other listed ecig exhibitors are Fontem Venture, Ice Liquids Ltd, LitJoy, Njoy, Onelite, Royal Hill Ecigs, UK Ecig Store, V2Cigs, Vapourlites, Vapestick and Vype.