Using cartotanks essentially give the advantage of enjoying greater capacity of eliquid. With this, you can have longer vaping enjoyment from every ejuice refill. A cartotank is an ejuice delivery setup consisting of a transparent tank inside which a pre-punched cartomizer is placed.

The transparent tank allows you to see if you already need to refill it with eliquid. The cartomizer needs to have holes punched into it so that the ejuice will seep into the cartomizer where it will be vaporized by the heating element. Cartotanks seems easy to setup and use, however, using and setting them up without considerable amount of knowledge will not allow you to maximize the benefits. Here are some tips to apply when using cartotanks.

With the cartotank setup, the cartomizer can also last longer. This is because it can remain wet with ejuice inside the tank. You would simply look at the remaining ejuice level in the tank and not the ejuice level in the carto.

Use Plain Stainless Steel Cartomizers

Out in the market are various types of cartomizers in the market made with various materials. Your attention would surely be called by colored cartomizers. These units typically have stickers and adhesives and you would not want these materials to sit in the tank and contaminate your ejuice.

You can remove the sticker, but this would be difficult to do. A better option is to purchase the plain stainless steel cartomizers already pre-punched with holes.

Laser-Drilled Or Manually-Puunched Holes

You have the option to punch the holes yourself or just buy pre-punched units to save time and energy. It is preferable that the holes are laser-drilled instead of manually-punched.

There are carto punch tools that are available in the market. It is also not a bad idea to punch the holes yourself. Yet, there are certain risks of doing so. Hand-punching holes might cause the cartomizer tube to be deformed. This could unnecessarily wear and tea the o-rings of the tank.

Factory laser-drilled carto will not be exposed to similar risks. However, the last decision and the final choice is still yours to make.

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Necessary Tools And Materials

Apart from the glass tank, the stainless steel cartomizer and the punch tool, you can also consider investing on another useful tool. A Slap Yo Mama is a product that you can purchase to facilitate assembling the cartotank parts and filling the setup with ejuice.

It will also protect your o-rings against possible damages. You can also fill and assemble cartotanks much easier and faster. Another important material you will need to use the cartotank is a drip tip.

Heating Coil Resistance

Cartomizers are measured not only in length and diameter, but also in terms of the resistance of its heating coil. Cartomizers usually have resistances of 1.8, 2.0 and 3.0 ohms.

The cartomizer resistance to choose will depend on the power and capability of your device or mechanical mod. If you are using a regulated device, be sure that the resistance of the cartomizer will be matched to the output voltage. There must be enough power or voltage delivered to the atomizer so that satisfying vapor production may result.

If you are using a variable voltage, you must ensure that the resistance will also be matched within the voltage range of the device. Resistance and voltage pairing is crucial when you want to get the sweet spot in your vapor. Cooler vape is typically achieved with a variable voltage like Provari and a cartomizer with 2.5-3.0 ohms.

Keeping Several Cartotanks

Having several cartotanks at hand will allow you to fill each one with different flavor of ejuice. This way, you can easily switch cartotanks to enjoy different flavors throughout the day.

When Vaping Thicker Ejuices

Eliquids with greater proportions of vegetable glycerin are commonly thicker. With thicker juice, the performance of the cartomizer can be affected. The filler material of the cartomizer can also get clogged up easily with thicker ejuices. Adding more holes would hardly help. Instead, you need to make primer puffs every now and them to ensure that the carto is moist with ejuice. Primer puff is taking a draw from the device with the battery switch off.