Vaping drip tips are one of the means by which vapers upgrade their experience. Drip tips are essentially mouthpieces that are originally used for dripping eliquids. These days, drip tips are offered in various designs and shapes that they are now used to customize a vaper’s vaping device.

Vaping Drip Tips Vs Traditional Ecigs

A traditional ecig is mainly composed of battery-powered atomizer and cartridge. The cartridge holds the eliquid, buy it contains foam or fiber wicking material.

A cartomizer has cartridge and atomizer already combined. The liquid soaked fiber is connected to the atomizer bridge that heats the liquid. Once the ejuice is depleted, a vaper normally replaces it with a new one.

On the other hand, a drip tip can be reused many times. This is because it comprises of a hollow reusable tube directly attached to the atomizer so no cartridge is required. A few drops of ejuice are dropped on the center of the drip tip towards the atomizer bridge.

About 3-4 drops are needed for new atomizers in order to produce adequate amount of vapor. Atomizers that have been used for a while will need fewer drops at a time. It will vary according to the size and the brand of atomizer. Every addition of ejuice is good for 5-8 inhalations.

Why Use Drip Tips

Vaping drip tips will essentially upgrade your vapor experience. One is by improving the flavor of vapor. The plastic material of the cartridge as well as the foam-or fiber-fill of the cartridge could alter the flavors of vapor. The vapor will become slightly unpleasant to the taste. A drip tip with an atomizer has no fill that could create similar alteration of vapor flavor.

Quick and convenient use is another advantage offered by drip tips. You need not detach the cartridge and insert a new one if you need to refill your juice. Simply add several drops as you need.

Vaporization is also quicker when using atomizer with drip tip because there are no wicking materials that the liquid must go through before it is heated.

A drip tip also eliminates direct contact of eliquid on skin or in your mouth. Vapor flow is also not restricted. Vapor usually needs to travel through the small opening on a cartridge. This results to diminished vapor flow in traditional vaping. With the drip tip, vapor directly travels through the hollow part of the mouthpiece.

There is also less clogging in the atomizer when dripping ejuice. As mentioned earlier, drip tips come in various sizes, shapes, designs, colors, etc. Some are made of metal, others are made of plastic. You could choose from various colors too so that you could change the color of your drip tip and match it to the color scheme of your clothes for that day. Drip tips allow a vaper to further customize his/her ecigarette.

While there are drawbacks when using drip tips, they are considerably minor problems only. One of them is the need to constantly carry with you your eliquid bottle.

It could also take some practicing in order to be adept in terms of adding the right amount of ejuice at the right time. Too little ejuice and the atomizer will create dry and irritating vapor; too much ejuice and it will overflow.

Types Of Drip Tips

Stainless steel tips are fairly easy to clean although the vapor flavor is not substantially improved. They are cooler and colder in the mouth too, but some people have reported suffering from sore throats from using SS tips.

Delrin tips are made of hard plastic. They are naturally porous that cleaning could be challenging. The tiny pores make for diminished flavor in between puffs. There are also acrylic tips that are cheap, although nasty in nature unless they are washed every time you use it. Acrylic can also greatly alter the taste of vapor.

Of all tips, those made of ceramic are the best as they do not hold flavor. They are ideal when changing your ejuice flavor. They are also easy to clean and they hardly get hot or cold.