The Mini Amanoo is a magnet electronic cigarette that is regarded as a space maximize.  This unique vaping hardware takes full advantage of the available space with its patented design. This specific design enables the device to operate at 50% reduced body size.

Maximizing The Space

The trick in this design involves surrounding the battery with the tank where e-liquid is stored or held.  The Mini Amanoo is quite small that it can fit discreetly in the very palm of the hand.

It is also made automatic so you simply inhale on it and it will activate.  When you are going for a trip or gimmick to town, this device is your ideal partner.

Mini Amanoo Kit

This package costs $39.99, originally. However, now offers it at a sale price of $24.99.

Inside the kit, you will find one piece of the Mini Magnet automatic ecigarette, one piece replacement coil, one piece USB charging plug and your user manual.  All these content are arranged beautifully inside a gift box.

This mini magnet electronic cigarette measures 17.5 mm by 95 mm. This little wonder weighs 40 grams.

The tank of this Amanoo has a liquid capacity of 1.8 ml.  Its automatic battery has a rating of 200mAh and needs to be recharged for 3-4 hours.

Space Maximizer Mini Amanoo Magnet Ecig

The product is covered by a 14 daysreturn warranty.  This policy does not apply on disposable items such as cartomizers, atomizers and e-liquids.

In case you need a replacement or an additional battery for your Amanoo, you could purchase it separately for $14.99. The battery is covered by the warranty.

This device is also a perfect and cost efficient.  The atomizer, once it malfunctions, need not be replaced as a whole.  You need to only get a replacement coil to have it operating appropriately again.  One or single coil costs $2.99 while 5-pack coils cost $13.95.

Amanoo Advantage

‘Why choose Amanoo products?’ you might ask. Amanoo offers quite a handful of advantages.  Its products are stable and of high quality.

They are also devices and items that will promote your health.  Amanoo products are fashionable.

Amanoo is an electronic cigarette manufacturer that continuously improves its services and products that are guaranteed to satisfy users and consumers.

The Amanoocigarette is a recognized leader of ecigarette manufacturers in China.  It has been in the business for several years.  Apart from this Amanoo mini electronic cigarette, it also includes in its product line CE4, eGo CE6 that comes with clearomizer and other accessories for your device.

Shenzhen Amanoocigarette was established year 2008.  It is a high tech and specialized enterprise that is focused in production, marketing and R&D.

Its production base covers a space of 71,000 square meters. Amanoo also has the most advanced electronic cigarette laboratory.

It has 21 successful projects and also 16 innovative ones.  The company has 260 employees who all work to meet the monthly output of 100,000 ecig sets.

The company also employs 10 R&D engineers aside from its 5 senior engineers.  Amanoo holds a total of 11 international and domestic ecig patents.  Products are well research and regularly tested in order to ensure satisfaction and superior quality to users.

Quality is ensured and verified while products are transported by returning flight tests on the field.  Products offered to the market by Amanoo have RoHSFCC and CE certifications.

This ecig brand and company managed to rank among the top 20 in the ecig industry due to its strict product quality control and cost efficiency.

Amanoo electronic cigarettes are being exported to over 50 regions and countries such as in Asia, North America and Europe.  Amanoo is more than just about earning profits.  It also ensures that it performs for the society by doing its business most responsibly.