Disposable ecigarettes are preferred by some vapers over rechargeable ecigs on certain occasions. One is when they merely want to sample what a certain brand can offer.

Other reason disposable ecigarettes are sought for is because they are more convenient to use. You can go wherever you wish or need to go with no worries of recharging batteries or refilling cartridges with eliquids. Below are king disposable ecigs from two different brands.

V4L Wow Vapor King Disposable Ecigarette

Each of these disposable can be bought for $7.49. It looks and feels like a traditional cigarette. It offers a realistic flavor and is one of the brands offering the most amount of puff counts. One Vapor King Disposable is equal to more than a pack of real cigarettes. Its disposable battery is also long lasting.

This disposable ecig took four years of development and has been subjected to more than 200 hours of taste test. Its coil resistance has been modified so its delivered throat hit is also better. Holding this Wow Vapor King Ecig is like holding a paper cigarette. Although slightly heavier due to the battery, the body will feel like real paper in your hands.

Other ecigs have surfaces made of vinyl while King’s is made of real paper. The filter part is made of soft and squishy plastic like other disposable ecigs have. Its tip glows green instead of red or orange so you will not be mistaken as a traditional smoker if you vape in public.

The King from V4L offers a kind of taste that falls between a Camel Filter and a Marlboro Red.

Njoy King Electronic Cigarette

A great thing about this ecig brand is that you could request for your sample without paying any cost.

Just visit the Njoy website and order for the free piece of Njoy King that you can sample. Remember that you just need to place an order and during check out, enter the coupon code TRYKING.

One Njoy King is actually worth $8.99 and since you have ordered for the free sample, you will only pay $2.99 to shoulder the shipping fee. If you later discover that Njoy is a brand of disposable ecig that suits your palate, then order for more.

Every disposable electronic cigarette will soon come to the end of its life. Once used up, do not think that the Njoy King will no longer be useful. Simply collect 8 used Njoy ecigs and then send them back to the company along with the accomplished form. In return, Njoy will give you a new Kings disposable without any costs.

Njoy guarantees you will experience excellent vaping through its quality product and outstanding customer service.

Some users reported that of all the brands in the market, Njoy offers the closes to the real thing if not the most realistic smoking experience. Hold one Njoy King and you would feel like you are holding a real fag.

Rival products such as Logic and Blu cigs will make you feel like you are holding a cigar. This could make you feel awkward and more obvious when vaping in public.

However, if you are really avoiding being mistaken as a real smoker, you might not favor the orange tip of this ecigarette. You might want to consider other brands with other colors of glowing tip such as Blu cigs with blue tip or the green tip of V4L WOW Vapor.

In terms of duration, you would also find Njoy not to be as long lasting as other brands of disposable. It is advertised it about 2 packs of cigarettes, but users reported that their units only lasted for 1 pack of fags.