DNA30 mods are ecigarette mods featuring DNA30D chips. The DNA30D chip is a powe-regulated digital switch mode DC to DC converter for personal vaporizers. This chip offers 7-30 watts of power; runs with lithium cell and has protective features such as undervoltage, overvoltage, thermal shutdown and overcurrent.

The power levels can be set using an external potentiometer. It also offers transistor-based switching that eliminates the need for waterproof and clunky switches. If you are searching for DNA30 Mods, here are some of your available choices.

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Altoids Tin DNA 30

You could purchase this from JcmsVapes for $99.99. It can operate with 1-2 18650-battery. It has tact switches and has raised 510-connection so the lid will not be in the way. This mod requires batteries with 12 Amp drain limit. This mod does not come with batteries and charger so you need to make separate orders for these items.

Mist Box 30D or MB30D

DNA30 Mods What Your Choices AreThis is a new offering from Mist Vapor and just like all other mods it has offered, this MB30D is likewise carefully handcrafted by the CEO and owner of the company, Jon. Your mod will be custom made according to your personal preferences and needs.

Mist Vapor offers a very special way of ordering MB30D. You first need to contact the company using the contact form on the website. Include in your message your interest for DNA30 Mods. Do not forget to indicate your contact details so the team could get back to you.

When you are contacted by the company representative, state all your preferences. Choose from exotic woods, buttons, finishes, batteries, charging options, screen placements, etc. MB30D costs $225-300 depending on the configuration and components that you like to include or use. These units are covered with 6 months warranty while the DNA chip is covered by 1 year warranty.

Vapor Shark DNA

Despite the small size, this mod can offer up to 30 watts of power. It stands just2.9 inches in height. The maximum output current is 10Amps. This mod draws power from 1200mAh LiPo battery and it features OLED display screen. Its additional features are all offered by the DNA30D chip. This mod costs $169.99.

Opus DNA 30

This is also a small APV that also features OLED display. Unlike the DNA mod from Vapor Shark, this one uses a LiPo battery with 1500mAh rating. It is also slightly taller at 3 inches. The price for this DNA mod is $242

Hana Modz Mini Pack V3

This is among the most popular and latest small-sized power packed ecigarette mods. It stands only 2.65 inches in height and is available at a price tag of $250.

Its body is made out of 6061 Billet aluminum. Its features include small OLED display, synchronous rectification for minimal heat generation and maximum battery life. Its up and down buttons provide users with an easy means of decreasing or increasing the power. It is built with DNA charger that is powered by Micro USB 500mA charge current. The battery is 120mAh LiPo. This mini pack has pass-thru capability so it can be used while charging.

When charging, make sure that the charge port has no debris or liquid before you plug it into the charger. The units could possibly be damaged if you charge it with a dirty charge port.

Make sure that you also do not overtighten the atomizer into its 510-connector. The atomizer need to be snug, but not excessively snug or else, the Delrin insulator could be damaged.

On the display screen, you will see the output voltage and atomizer resistance. Hana mods feature locked mode, stealth mode, power locked mode and more.

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