The electronic cigarette market certainly has a very steep competition with hundreds of different brands competing with each other. Some ecig companies decided to enhance their products by lacing them with vitamins. Others incorporate caffeine in ecigarettes such as the Caffeine Vape Stix from Energy Shisha.

Vaping caffeine is now possible with vape products infused with caffeine. The Energy Shisha vape stix can provide up to 30 hours of caffeine induced energy in an authentic flavor without nicotine. Apart from 0.6% per ml caffeine, it also contains glycerol, propylene glycol, taurine and flavoring.

It is stated on the back of the packaging that using vape stix will improve motor performance, enhance sensory activity, decrease fatigue and increase alertness. The packaging likewise includes a warning that states the user must not inhale for over 20 times in one hour.

The instruction also states that the user must take 5 3 seconds intakes in order to achieve an energy boost that can last up to half an hour.

According to David Benjamin of merchant Venture, caffeine for flavoring cannot be inhaled into the lungs, but taurine can be inhaled. Existing guidelines involve no harmful effects from doing so. Through advertising, the products are made to look similar although they contain less caffeine and taurine. There are also no additives and sugar.

It was also included by Benjamin that the concept of the vape stix is that vaping caffeine is less harmful than ingesting energy drinks.

Caffeine Vape Stix

It is the latest product from Energy Shisha. It offers twice the hit of caffeine, but has the same good taste as an energy drink. The regular version has 0.3 ml caffeine, but this has 0.6 ml. This double strength vape stix comes in a metallic body with new white LED tip that altogether creates a stylish device.

It is offered at £3.99 or $6.5. The vape stix is offered in multi pack for £45. It is also offered in 10 ml eliquid bottles for £3.99 each. The eliquid is perfect for use with vape devices like the Energy Shisha eGi refillable kit with 650mAh battery offered at £12.99.

NutriCigs Energy Booster

This is another product option that you have for vaping caffeine. It is just one of the three offered products by NutriCigs. This invigorating electronic cigarette has no sugar, no carbs and no calories that could result to sudden crash.

This disposable fortified ecigarettes comes with 1.8% nicotine in Cherry, Menthol and Tobacco Flavors.

The 4-pack is worth $47.99. The 8-pack is $87.99 and the 12-pack is $119.88. Unlike Vape stix that contains taurine and caffeine, NutriCigs Energy Booster has nicotine along with essential B Vitamins like Vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. There is also caffeine, taurine and Glucuronolactone.

Electronic Shisha Vs Electronic Cigarette

There are many similarities between these two types of electronic vaping devices. There are also some crucial differences among them, particularly on what the devices can do for you. Electronic cigarettes essentially deliver nicotine to the user along with flavors and other important ingredients.

Ecigarettes are like their old fashioned counterparts, the hookah or the shisha that essentially deliver great flavors. Nowadays, there are also electronic shishas that deliver amazing flavors with no tobacco.

The difference between electronic shisha and electronic cigarettes can be seen through Energy Shisha vape stix and NutriCigs energy booster. The vape stix delivers caffeine and taurine with no nicotine; making it a shisha. The Nutricigs energy booster delivers caffeine along with taurine, nicotine and others.

When you vape caffeine, you essentially avoid getting acidic stomachs from drinking coffee or getting excess sugar from energy drinks.

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