A lot of electronic cigarette brands are available in the market and sometimes, these brands offer different ecig kits that have the same price, but with different contents; just like the kits from Blu and White Cloud, both at $79.95.

It is not about which of these ecig kits that contain more; but which kit can serve you the most through the items it contains.

Blu Premium Kit

Blu Premium Vs White Cloud Cirrus Variety Ecig KitsThe included pack in this kit has the new patented Social feature that you can simply activate/deactivate. If activated, the pack will alert you if you come near to another Blu user or retail store.

This pack is also equipped with a great battery management system to continuously monitor and charge the spare battery. There are icons at the side of the pack to tell you about the power levels of battery and charging pack.

This most popular kit from Blu cigs is available in black and/or white and contains Premium ecig pack, 2 batteries, wall charger, USB charger and five cartridges whose nicotine level and flavor you can choose.

A Blu cartridge is actually a cartomizer because it combines the atomizer and the cartridge in one unit. Thus, each time you replace the cartridge, you also replace the atomizer, optimizing vapor consistency and flavors. Blu offers US made Smoke Juice by Johnson Creek. A Premium cartridge can supply about 250 or more puffs.

White Cloud Cirrus Variety Kit

This is the package that will allow you to have all three batteries, each from the specific Cirrus line. Cirrus 2 battery, with 280 puffs in every charge, is for casual and novice vapers. Cirrus 3, the lightest and smallest battery, offers 200 puffs. Cirrus 3X battery is most resilient and can last up to 600 puffs.

The kit includes 3 batteries, Chargebolt USB charger and a wall charger. Also included in your purchase are 5 SmoothDraw cartridges and an online user manual.

White Cloud gives you the option to customize: white or brushed metal battery; crystal/blackout/grey ash tip. Grey ash tip has orange light tip; crystal ash tip has white LED tip and blackout ash tip will totally block the LED glow for a discreet vaping experience.