Adjustable airflow tank is one of the popular trends in the vaping world today. Through such tanks, the vaper could adjust the airflow of an ejuice attachment that will produce the ideal amount of vapor and the right tightness of draw in each puff. Two of the newest products under this category are Innokin Gladius and Joyetech Delta.

Innokin Gladius

This Adjustable Airflow Dual Coil Clearomizer is offered at $22.95. This is the first clearomizer of such kind from Innokin.

It has a capacity of 1.4 ml so it is ideal to use with many small to medium sized personal vaporizer batteries. While the adjustable airflow control feature of Gladius is something that attracts vapers, this rather small capacity of the clearomizer turns many vapers off.

Food-grade Stainless Steel is used for the clearomizer body while Pyrex Glass is used for the tube. Pyrex is the type of glass material that is used in laboratory hardware and other kitchenware. It has non-reactive and low expansion attributes. Thus, Pyrex is ideal for storing and holding ejuices.

The bottom dual coil design of Gladius makes it capable of delivering the best throat hit and vapor production. Two resistances are available: 2.1 ohms and 1.5 ohms. A package of Gladius contains a Gladius clearomizer and 3 replaceable bottom dual coils.

Reviewers commented that the new Innokin clearomizer seemed to have a big drip tip for such a small sized tank. The packaging is not as nice or as elegant of other leading clearomizers. Vapers likewise noticed that the clearomizer does not sit all the way down to the battery.

Yet, many are impressed by the vapor production offered by Gladius even in low airflow setting. Good vapor production and good flavor can be produced. It can deliver a more natural flavor than most tanks. Once the clearomizer is set on the battery, it would be hard to adjust the airflow so make sure that it is already set the way you want it before attaching it to the battery.

Joyetech Delta

This new Joyetech product is offered at $39.90. Inside the package, you will see a Delta mouthpiece, atomizer tube, 2 C3 atomizer heads, and an atomizer base. The price is at par with Aspire Nautilus and Kanger Aerotank Mega. Some might be skeptical about the price, but in many ways, this price is only justified because Delta can indeed deliver one of the best vaping experiences possible.

It has 3 adjustable airflow channels with 4 holes under the band. Delta has no punched holes, but long thin slots surrounding the base of atomizer. This allows precise control of the airflow. The band moves very smoothly, yet tightly in full 360 degrees.

There are also 3 big transparent windows that will allow you to see the remaining ejuice level with no trouble. Compared to Kanger Aerotank and Aspire Nautilus, Delta can provide the most accurate level of juice. It also has the largest liquid capacity at 6 ml. This amount of juice is also huge and could last a whole day for moderate-heavy vapers.

Delta is completely made of stainless steel with 510-threading. The surface is a hybrid of highly polished and matte finish. Holding Delta, you would feel that it is very well made and seemingly very expensive.

While it can be used with other devices, it will perform best when used with eVic Supreme. Its mouthpiece is made from POM plastic known for high rigidity, strength and heat resistance.

Delta shines above the others in terms of high voltage/wattage setting. It is designed for high end devices that could exceed normal power levels of most advanced personal vaporizers. With Delta, there would probably no need for coil wrapping.